Vendor-neutral log-linear histograms for the compression, mergeability, and analysis of telemetry data

OpenHistogram is an open source data structure for quickly and efficiently summarizing large numbers of measurements.

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Highly Efficient, Easily Mergeable

OpenHistogram’s patented technique for determining optimal histogram bin sizes results in superior performance, accuracy, correctness, and usability.

Drop-in Implementation

Implementations of OpenHistogram are available for a variety of languages and libraries, including C/C++, Python, GO, Lua, JavaScript, and C# .NET.

Open Source, Vendor Neutral

OpenHistogram is 100% free and open-source, and is licensed via the OSI approved Apache 2.0 license.

OpenHistogram in Action

Check out the following histograms and histogram heatmaps made possible by OpenHistogram technology.

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Circonus Contributes its Powerful, Patented Histogram Technology to the Open Source Community

March 2, 2021

OpenHistogram Research Paper

Explore the theory and implementation behind OpenHistogram in this original research paper authored by Circonus Founder and CTO, Theo Schlossnagle, and data scientist, Dr. Heinrich Hartmann.


OpenHistogram Circllhist Research Paper
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OpenHistogram technology has been donated to open source by Circonus, the monitoring and analytics platform built for the modern-day enterprise.